The new era of publishing transforms the classic models of content production and distribution, offering the possibility to integrate paper products with digital solutions, freeing contents from all constraints, in order to allow for viewing at any time and in any place. For those who want to tackle the digital challenge, there is now a simple, fast, and focused answer: EasyBook, the multi-channel platform created by Promedia iwhich allows the publisher to be immediately present in the digital arena with various services: the publication of a series of online titles, the creation of multimedia libraries, enrichment with videos, audio and images, and a simplified management of updates.

Technical features of Easybook

Selecting EasyBook means being able to sell your content by choosing the distribution method that best suits the product, without needing to intervene on the company structure.

EasyBook makes content available in 3 ways:

  • paper book with management of integrations and updates on the web
  • in-app purchase on applications for iPad, iPhone, and Android, and integration with the Store
  • e-Books

Among the main technical characteristics of EasyBook there are:

  1. 1. automatic importing of publications from standard formats, while maintaining layout, formatting, and extra text;
  2. possibility to update and enrich the content with an on-line CMS, prior to marketing;
  3. automatic generation of the catalog of publications and its updates in real time, with the possibility to manage promotional codes;
  4. functions: favorites, notes, surfing history;
  5. non-sequential surfing features for content, but through different types of indexes and parameters.