“Quando il contenuto è digitale e organizzato le possibilità di utilizzarlo diventano infinite”
Jane Friedman
Assistant Professor of Digital Media, University of Cincinnati

The digital world, and the new methods of distribution, bring content to the core of the publisher’s strategy.
For publishers, digitizing content means making lasting investments over time and ensuring reutilization of editorial resources for the production of paper and digital products. Integrating new methods of use and marketing of editorial contents with new books represents an opportunity for activating new sales channels for the publisher’s contents.
Promedia is able to support the publisher in evaluating new market opportunities and relevant solutions that are best suited to protect and enhance editorial resources by incorporating new digital opportunities with traditional sales channels.

Content management
Dam stands for Digital Asset Management. This system of organization and management of content in digital format is the heart of our services. The service complements, without disruption, traditional methods used by publishers, with the aim of supporting new supply models offered by the publisher that integrate the use of paper with the use of electronics, in addition to optimizing the internal efficiency of reducing wastefulness to a minimum.

Archiving is a simplified system for file storage by Promedia, which is expressly designed for the world of publishing.

Services for publishers
PBS: translate paper publications into a digital version
A long study and research process lead to PBS, a system that can turn traditional commercial paper publications into something navigable and interactive.

Thanks to the PBS system the book will be turned, starting from a pdf format, into a digital version that can be browsed through online.

In this period of major changes in the publishing field, the publisher is the first to know that, today, the method of fruition of any type of content can no longer disregard distribution in digital form. For those who want to tackle this challenge, there is a simple, fast, and focused answer: EasyBook.

Market services
Prospero is Promedia’s platform specifically addressed to small and medium publishers of the digital era. Publishers have the possibility to access, through a single point of contact, to a range of services specifically designed to obtain a substantial simplification of production flows and commercial distribution

Thanks to Prospero and Mondadori Store this innovative sales channel is now available also in Italy.

Production services
Simply starting from PDF files created for traditional print, Promedia is able to convert print files for the publisher into the most popular formats for distribution to mobile devices.

Promedia provides the production technology of the Vincenzo Bona Group, in order to respond to any request for flexibility. We can print for you books, magazines, catalogs, art books, brochures, and leaflets in offset print or digital print for small to medium print runs.