Ebook and multimedia delivery of contents

Promedia supports publishers in the development of their business by integrating paper production with the distribution of contents online.

Simply beginning with a PDF file created for traditional print, Promedia is capable of converting the publisher’s files for print into main formats that support distribution via the web and/or via eReaders, such as ePub, dnl, mobi etc.

Thanks to our specific expertise in the publishing sector, we can offer the following services.

  • Ebook Conversion Services
  • Convert files from PDF or native files for print and online distribution in the following formats: ePUB and Mobi
  • Create ePUB or PDF for web with text indexing, TOC, etc.
  • Upon request, application of the Adobe DRM standard for the protection of digital rights of multimedia contents distributed through new technological devices
  • Online supply of content by Promedia on a delivery platform that allows you to easily manage content security, payments… etc.
  • Creating Apps
    Promedia offers publishers the possibility to create applications for iPhone and iPad specifically designed to meet the needs of each publishing reality.
  • Scanning
    Promedia is capable of scanning paper material to transform it into digital data.
    Scanning can be performed from paper and/or film (chromatic retouching is available).
  • Audio and Video Production
    Promedia also supports the publisher in the planning and creation of multimedia and audiovisual products.
  • Creating websites
    Promedia supports the publisher in creating business cards for the publishing house, with solutions that are capable of meeting any type of need: production, organizational, and dialogue among different systems.
    From the most straightforward site to the creation of portals, from a simple title list to the advanced visualization of contents and online sales, ensuring integration with the management systems in use.

Promedia supports you in accessing the digital market by offering you the support in the management of the different platforms for content distribution.