Offset and digital print

Promedia is an independent and highly specialized company of the Vincenzo Bona group, printers since 1777.

As part of the Bona Group, Promedia can also supply a wide range of printing services: from large format to small print runs, to deluxe editions, but also excerpts or reprints.

Digital printing
Vincenzo Bona is able to meet the demands of its clients for  digital print productions, with small to medium print runs in color and black and white.

Among the advantages of digital printing we can list:

  • reduction in production costs for short runs
  • fast production times
  • customized print with variable data  (ex. addresses, personal information, logos) different for each copy printed.

This latter aspect, in particular, provides an efficient and effective response to all customization needs of every kind of prints and mailing need.

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Offset Printing
Large-format, thin paper, small print runs, deluxe editions, excerpts, and reprints: no job is too big or too small for Vincenzo Bona. Constantly updated and implemented machines and  in-house binding  guarantee for unconditional quality and adapt to the changing needs of publishing.

Our technical resources ensure a production capacity capable of responding  to any request for flexibility in the name of reliability, on which the customer can really count.

Vincenzo Bona offers its production technology to respond to any request for flexibility: from glossy paper, to single or double gloss cardstock,  up to light-weight papers.

Our sheet-fed offset printing presses in 120 x 160 format are, in fact, able to print four-color books with light paper up to 45 grams. Magazines, catalogs, art books, brochures, and leaflets are only some of the products that characterize our production.

Vincenzo Bona also offers its customers the option of rotating print in four-color thanks to its offset Web printing technology.

This technology is particularly suited to meet the needs of the world of  large scale distribution and periodical publishing.